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Preparing for your first menstruation

My First Period
Stephen Hawkins Last Updated 02/07/2023 5 mins Read

If your period was a person! 

When will you guys meet each other?


Every month, after it - your first menstruation - shows up for the first time. The first visit could be when you are as young as 9 or as old as 16 (occasionally up to 18). Though most girls get it around 12 or 13.

Period Calendar


Will your first menstruation inform you before arriving?


Kinda. Watch out for some indications like:


1. Hair growth under your arms and around your V-zone

2. Some white discharge in the panty

3. Bloated feeling

4. Cramps in your tummy area or lower back

5. Mood swings

6. Being extra sensitive to emotions, pain, and hot or cold temperatures


When it arrives, how will you recognise it?


Honestly, prep for a surprise. Because no girl was ever found sitting and waiting for the bloody arrival.

So, how? One fine day, or night, when you go to the loo, you will spot some dark stains in your undies. This will be nothing but your menstrual blood. So, there! It has finally paid you a visit.



How does it come and go?


Ms. Period will form within you as the lining in your uterus. It will break down and make an exit on its own. It’s self-sufficient like that.

first period   

Does it have a colour?


It can come in any shade, from bright red to dark brown. So don't be fussed if it's not the colour you are expecting.

 first menstruation

How will it flow?


The intensity differs from woman to woman. Most have heavier bleeding at the start, and then it lightens up until it's all done.

my first period

So how can you manage your first menstruation?


You must prep yourself with your Period kit like pads and period panties, all stocked up to be used as per your flow. Super absorbent Kotex Overnight Period Panties with 360 anti-leakage protection are the best for dry, clean comfort all night long.

period panties

Will it continue to confuse you?


Of course! When you see this new dude in class, your head and heart start spewing out questions - does he have a GF, will he like me, do we have things in common? Similarly, when you get your first period, you are bombarded with millions of queries. But you don’t have to worry. You can chat up with your mom or a big sis or even a buddy about it. menstrual cycle


Stephen Hawkins Last Updated 02/07/2023 5 mins Read

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