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7 Menstrual Hygiene checks you need for your V

Period Hacks
William Last Updated 02/07/2023 5 Mins Read

Girls – keeping simple hygiene checks going can really help you vibe with your V-zone. Sure, we all hate yet another list of to-dos for us but this one’s really no biggie. We’ve kept it basic, just take a look at these golden rules and stay shining.

Daily showers

Wash of all that gym sweat after training or after your run. That’s a habit that sets all feminine hygiene right. After a whole day of working or travelling, you would want to get cleaned up before anything else.

A little TLC for your V

Use a soft washcloth or a sponge around the vaginal area. Just use soap or mild shower gel and you’re set. All it takes is a few minutes, that’s all.

Wash outside

Your vaginal canal has its own in-built cleaning system so you don’t have to wash that part during your showers. Just the outside areas need to be kept clean. Leave the rest to your body’s natural ways.

Rinse to ready

Any remaining soap on your skin will cause dryness and major itchy feels. So spend an extra few seconds rinsing it all off. This can be especially nasty if you have dry skin, any existing skin irritations, or if you have a period rash. We hear you, girls. So please ensure you rinse so none of these ouchies repeat.

Change and chug along

Nasty infections crop up if you don’t change pads regularly. So just stay cheery by making sure you’re changing often to maintain hygiene. Always use good quality sanitary pads or period panties that ensure protection and hygiene for your period days. Something like Kotex Overnight Period Panties is great to ensure total absorption with super in-built leak locks.

Loosen Up

Try and avoid fitted wearables like panty hoses, stockings, and non-breathable fabric leggings or churidars for long hours. You’re looking at more perspiration and some unwanted infections down there. Picture wearing tight-fitted shoes all day and ending up with icky feet. Not happening at all, right? So shorter hours and looser garments would be just right.

Stay away, you sprays!

Never ever spray deodorants onto your V zone. Just block those out of your feminine hygiene habits. The chemicals act upon your PH levels and cause major problems in the area.

Chats with your gal pals about feminine hygiene may have brought up talk about hygiene sprays or wash liquids. Unless it’s prescribed by your doc, we’d suggest that you stay away from these products. Like we said, follow our simple ‘laundry list’ for your V zone and you’re good to go.

Here’s another tip before we end – finding some vaginal discharge that’s clear or slightly milky is totally normal. It’s a mucus excretion you may find in your underwear. But, if the discharge is yellowish or greenish, it could be an infection. If so, and if there’s any itchiness or burning, call your doc pronto.

Feminine hygiene is not a complex high-end task. A few simple daily habits will help you remain on the hygienic track, all days of the month. As our bodies beautify, part of the process is the growth of glands in the underarm and pelvic area that create different odours. Each of us has our unique odour, especially in the V zone. But that doesn’t mean it’s noticeable by all. And, besides, once you take note of these simple doctor diktats, it’s the end of any feminine hygiene mishaps for you!


William Last Updated 02/07/2023 5 Mins Read

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