Who are we?

Kotex is a brand that is all about you! You are resilient, strong, ambitious – and at Kotex, we believe that nothing should stand in your way.

Kotex was created in the 1920’s when wartime nurses began using, Kimberly-Clark’s cellucotton, a bandage material used as surgical dressing for wounded soldiers, for their periods. This inspired K-C to develop a product specifically designed for their needs.

This is how almost 100 years ago, Kotex became the first brand of widely available sanitary products!


Our Brand Purpose

KOTEX IS UNITED BY A SINGLE PURPOSE that guides our actions as a brand - regardless of who they are, where they are or how they define progress:

We exist to ensure that a period never gets in the way of any woman’s progress

What do we stand for?

  • Authenticity

    Just like you, we’re not afraid to get real and we want to get real with you.

  • Commitment

    We are committed to making sure a period never stands in the way of any woman’s progress. That comes with certain obligations. We constantly strive to rise above stigmas and taboos, and dispel the myths surrounding periods.

  • Connectivity

    We celebrate and support your connections - from your inner circle to a sense of community with every woman.