Period Calculator FAQ's

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    • Simply put, it is a next period calculator. You don’t need to spend time making calculations and predicting. Kotex’s period tracker estimates your next period based on the information you provide.

    • You need to sign up for our period calculator, and answer the following 3 simple questions:

      1. When did your last period start?
      2. How long do your period days last?
      3. How long is your menstrual cycle?
      Then, our period tracker displays your personalized period calendar within seconds to help you plan before your next cycle.

    • Kotex’s period calculator assesses your period data and predicts your period due date. It gives you an estimated period date by considering your last period date and the average length of the menstrual cycle.

    • Since many things can affect your body and in turn the days you get your period, the period calculator may not always be 100% accurate. Our period tracker helps you identify irregularities to take the necessary action on time.

    • They are the number of days your periods last. The average length is about 5 days, but anything from 2 to 7 days is considered normal.

    • The length of the menstrual cycle varies from 21 to 40 days, but the average is every 28 days. A period date calculator can help ease the stress of calculating and keeping tabs.