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Băng Vệ Sinh Kotex® Siêu Ban Đêm  Siêu Mỏng Cánh, 4 Miếng Băng Vệ Sinh Kotex® Siêu Ban Đêm  Siêu Mỏng Cánh, 4 Miếng
Kotex Overnight Panties

360 Anti-leakage protection - Enjoy the absorption of a pad with the fit of a panty

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Anonymous User

02 Dec 2021


Thank u the companies who invent thi really gr8full

I m patient since 2 year so its was very difficult for me to during periods but when i starting using periods pants i feel so comfortable n free from any tension of changing pads leakage. I m very thank full for the companies who invent this

Anonymous User

28 Oct 2018


What a fabulous experience!

I used this product in my last period cycle and Wow! It is basically a padded underwear for periods. So simple. There was absolutely no staining on my bed or clothes, i slept comfortably knowing that the panty won't leak no matter what position i sleep in. Can't believe that such a simple product didn't exist before. No need to wear a pad or another panty on top of it. This is really what 100% protection means i guess. I've been buying Whisper Ultra Night XXXL pads for night use, the past few years. But a pad is a pad. It was always uncomfortable and bulky and despite wearing such a huge pad, i used to be scared about leaking. But Kotex is just amazing. This is going to be my monthly use product for sure. Highly recommend it to every girl out there who gets worried about staining during periods.

Anonymous User

23 Feb 2022


Perfect fit

Excellent product. Easy to use and super absorbent.

Anonymous User

07 Jan 2022


Go ahead with kotex

Super 💖 I strongly recommended this product to all girls whose period start early stage. I have been buying this product for last two years for my daughter and she is very comfortable in it that give me satisfaction not only that I shared link of this product to lots of my friends, colleagues and everyone satisfied with it.👌👌👌👍👍

Anonymous User

24 Oct 2021


Highly comfortable in all respect.

This panty napkin first of all doesn't feel like napkin . Comfortable to wear and feel like cotton cloth. You can sleep in any position or posture even during heavy bleeding whether it is periods or post pregnancy