Kotex Overnight Panties

360 Anti-leakage protection - Enjoy the absorption of a pad with the fit of a panty

The Best of Both Worlds

1 Panty absorbs upto 3 Regular Pads

Overnight Panties
Say hello to stress-free sleep! Kotex overnight panties are designed to offer 360 leakage protection, and each overnight panty offers the absorption of up to 3 regular pads. You can sleep peacefully without worrying about staining your clothes and bedsheets. No more period nightmares.

  • 360 Anti-Leakage Protection

    Kotex overnight period panties have a wraparound design that offers 360-degree anti-leakage protection on nights of heavy blood flow, allowing you to sleep peacefully and keep your mind off leaks and stained sheets.
  • Leak Lock Guards

    Our innovative leak lock guards provide up to 100% protection from side leakage*. You can roll around all you want and sleep in your favourite position without worrying about leaks and stains.
  • Deep Absorb Core

    Made with 10X more power-absorb material, our period panties' deep absorb core provides all-night-long defence against all types of flows, even for heavy flow. It also ensures up to 0% leakage*, so you wake with a smile instead of stains.
  • Flexi-Waistband Wraps

    Kotex overnight period panties’ flexi-waistband wraps around the body and offers a snug fit just like a panty, so you can feel 100% comfort while sleeping.
  • Airy Soft Fabric

    Kotex overnight panty is designed with airy-soft fabric that helps prevent rashes and chafing and makes you feel at peace during your period.
  • Allows uninterrupted sleep

    Waking up in the middle of the night won't be a concern. With a deep absorb core, Kotex overnight period panties provide all-night-long protection against all types of flows, even heavy menstrual flow.
  • Prevents leaks and stains

    Sleep comfortably without worrying about leaks and stains on clothes and bedsheets. Thanks to 360 anti-leakage protection and leak lock guards, these night panties ensure up to 0% leakage*.
  • Protection against heavy flow

    These overnight period panties can absorb up to 3 regular pads offering protection even during heavy blood flow with up to 0% leaks* or stains, allowing you to wake up peacefully instead of rushing to the bathroom.
  • Provides comfort

    The breathable, soft fabric of these overnight period panties provides the luxury of cotton soft underwear, keeping rashes and itching at bay, so you can rest all night comfortably!

* Based on the study conducted by NielsenIQ India in Nov 2021 among 220 Females in the age group of 14-49 years. Tested in Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore.

Kotex overnight underwear is just like regular underwear, designed to wear during periods. It provides all-night comfort during heavy flow, including abrupt, strong gushes. These sanitary panties have a deep absorbent core that can soak up equivalent to three ordinary pads. With its 360-degree anti-leakage protection and leak lock guard technology, you can sleep without worrying and wake up feeling great!

They are easy to use.

  • Wear them like regular underwear
  • Rip the sides after use
  • Discard in our disposable bag

Experience Healthy Protection with Kotex


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Frequently Asked Questions

What goes in our products?

Ingredient Purpose
SAP Sheet(Wood Pulp +Tissue + SAM) In our absorbent hygiene products, it helps absorb wetness. Superabsorbent particles (SAM) which are made up of polyacrylic polymers, tend to lock liquid inside and provide wetness protection to user.
Airlaid(Wood Pulp + Bicomponent Fiber + Latex) It helps in absorbing wetness. It also provides shape to the pad.
Body Side Liner(Polyethylene) A common material used in fibers and films. We use it to deliver softness, breathability, and protection by preventing flow back of menses to a large extent.
Side Cover(Polyethylene + Polyester) A common material used in making nonwoven fabric. It is used in providing extra softness on the sides which helps in reducing irritation/rashes/itchiness caused due to physical friction between pad surface & skin in inner thigh area.
Printed Baffle(Polyethylene + Colorant) It prevents leakage of menses from pad by acting as a barrier to liquid. Sometimes, it is printed with a very small quantity of safe & non-sensitizing colorants to provide different designs / patterns / communications on poly which also enhances the overall look of our product.
Printed wrap pouch(Polyethylene + Colorant) It wraps the pad and keeps it in hygienic condition during use. Sometimes, it is printed with a very small quantity of safe & non-sensitizing colorants to provide different designs / patterns / communications on wrap pouch which also enhances overall user experience.
Adhesives(Construction & Garment) Used to hold things together. Construction Adhesive of feminine care products are used to hold the components together and garment adhesive helps adhere the products to garments.
Peel Tape(Paper + Silicone) It is used to secure garment adhesive and prevent pad to pad sticking. It also helps in easy release of adhesive onto the pad. Sometimes, it is printed with a very small quantity of safe & non-sensitizing colorants to provide different designs / patterns / communications on paper which also enhances overall user experience.
Perfume It gives pleasant smell when pad is opened for use. It also suppresses the foul smell of menses.