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Period Hacks

What Does Vaginal Discharge Mean?

Vaginal Discharge is common until it turns into abnormal vaginal discharge. Read to know types, causes and difference between normal & abnormal discharge

Period Hacks
7 Menstrual Hygiene checks you need for your V

Your V Zone needs that extra bit of TLC. With this seven-point to-do list, we’ve got you covered.

Period Hacks
Dealing with period cramps

Periods cramps are normal and happens with most of the girls. Here is quick guide by Kotex, talking about the remedies of dealing with period cramps.

Period Hacks
Healthy Vagina - How to Maintain your Vaginal Wellness

Maintaining your vaginal health is an important part of overall women's wellness. Here’s is a list of actions by Kotex, to maintain the healthy vagina

Period Hacks
Menstrual Cycle: Symptoms, Phases, Period Tracking & More

A natural and significant aspect of women's health is the menstrual cycle. Discover the symptoms, phases, period tracking, and more at Kotex.

Period 101


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