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Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Period Panties

Period 101
Last Updated 04/28/2023 5 mins Read

Period panties are a new step towards period comfort. And just like sanitary pads or tampons, they are created to absorb menstrual blood.

But you have probably just made peace with sanitary pads and now this new product. What is so special about them??

To better understand, we will use Kotex Overnight Panties as an example.

Let’s find out more about them.

What is a period panty?

Period panty or period underwear resembles regular underwear in terms of look and fit but offers more comfort, especially at night. However, they are layered with a deep absorbent core to soak heavy flows. Despite being multi-layered, these panties will not feel bulky like normal sanitary pads. Their special fabric helps you stay dry and comfy.

How do Period Panties Work?

Its advanced wrap-around designs and 360-degree anti-leakage protection technology keep you stain-free and leakage-proof for long hours. Besides, they are made with airy-soft fabric to keep the private area protected from rashes. However, the best part is that these sanitary panties are reusable and eco-friendly. So you don’t need to dispose of them frequently; instead, wash them and use them again, just like regular panties.

Moreover, these panties remain odour-free and dry even after absorbing heavy flows. Thanks to its multiple layers! Each layer has a special absorbent that locks the moisture and keeps you dry for long hours. Apart from that, it keeps you safe from TSS risks, as they are not worn internally like a tampon.

Why Should You Switch to Reusable Period Pants?

Designed to soak three times more fluid than a regular sanitary pad, these new panties can benefit you in many ways. Check out some of the best reasons to choose menstrual panties over regular pads

  • Stay confidently comfortable

With period panties, you no longer need to postpone your plans according to your menstrual cycle. They keep you dry for long hours so that you can continue your work schedule or outing plans. Therefore, you can stay comfortable and confident at the same time without interrupting your lifestyle and work schedule.

  • Back up for irregular cycles

Menstrual underwear can be a convenient way to deal with irregular cycles. You no longer need to stay worried or check the period tracker frequently on those days leading to your period. Instead, you can wear period panties and stay relaxed.

  • Controls heavy flow

You can trust period panties for heavy flow as they are super absorbent and leakage-proof. You can now travel freely without changing pads or tampons from time to time. These multiple-layered panties soak three times more than your regular sanitary napkin and keep you stain-free and carefree.

  • Safe and eco-friendly

Period panties can be a great solution for you if you are experiencing sensitivity or irritation in your vaginal area during the menstrual cycle. As these products are chemical-free and are designed to use externally, they are safe for your private parts. Moreover, they are safe for nature as they are not disposed of frequently.

  • Sleep without worry

Period panties offer a comfortable fit, so you need not worry about pads shifting position when you are asleep. Also, look for leakproof period panties, as their anti-leakage design will give you peace of mind and relaxing sleep. No more sleepless nights during periods!

  • Stay refreshed and odourless

The multiple layers in menstrual underwear prevent leakage, dry quickly after absorbing the liquid and control odour. Thus, you can stay fresh and odourless when you choose period panties instead regular pads.

  • Save money

Though the price of a sanitary panty is higher than a pack of napkins or tampons, they save you money. How? You can use period underwear for a longer period than regular pads. Hence, it’s a long-term investment, and you no longer need to spend on sanitary pads each month.

For How Long Can You Wear Period Panties?

Our Period panties are reusable. You can use it for nearly 2 years, depending on the usage and your maintenance. You can wash them after use and reuse them for years. However, you must follow the brand-specific washing instructions and avoid bleach or harmful chemicals to keep them sustained for longer.

Do You Have to Wear a Pad with Period Panties?

Kotex overnight panties are menstrual panties for heavy flow. They are designed with liquid-absorbent technology to absorb excessive flows. Therefore, you don’t need to wear sanitary pads with our period panties.

How to Wash Period Underwear?

Washing your period underwear is easy. Just wash them with cold water and air dry. Do not tumble dry, iron or dry clean. Also, avoid using fabric softener or bleach as they may react chemically with these panties and affect their longevity. Ensure they are dry before reusing or storing your night panties for future use.

How to use period panties?

You can wear them like any other underwear. Just ensure that 3 coloured lines on the waist band are facing outside. Once you are done using the period panties, rip the sides to take them off.

Remember to use a disposable bag when discarding them.

Menstruation is an inevitable part of being a woman, but it should not interrupt your lifestyle. Imagine the days of heavy flow without any burden of changing pads or the fear of getting clothes stained!

Kotex period panties will make your period days comfortable as they fit into your lifestyle flawlessly. This product has been designed to make your menstruation days more hassle-free.

Last Updated 04/28/2023 5 mins Read

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