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Spot your questions related to the first period.

My First Period
Stephen Hawkins Last Updated 02/07/2023 5 mins Read

Having questions is a good thing. Asking them is even better. And there is no greater joy than finding the right answers. Having more questions arising from those answers is when life gets interesting. Period is one such topic that leads to a barrage of questions. We are covering most of them here to get you to prep up for life after your first period.


Good to know that you are excited. There is no way to know exactly when your first period will come. If you are between 12 and 14 years, do look out for these changes in your body:

We love the fact that you want to be prepared. Of course, you must keep a few things handy so you are never caught by surprise. Take a look:


We have some good news for you. Not much changes during those days if you have the right knowledge and are equipped to handle it.

Let us demystify the cycle for you:

Your first period:

Duration: Can last between two to seven days

Discharge: Likely to be light with a brownish colour

  • Wear a reusable period underwear on your light days
  • Use pads for your regular period days
  • Switch to Kotex Overnight Period Panties on your heavier days and nights
  • Change often (whenever they feel moist) to help prevent vaginal yeast infections

    You have a curious mind! During your period, the bleeding goes on for 5-7 days every month. You may have light brown discharge during the final few days. For some, lower back pain or period cramps indicate the end of their cycle.

    To answer the second part of your question, typically women have periods from 9-53 on an average. It’s not your entire life, but definitely the most significant part of it. But you definitely don’t need to worry about it. You don’t have to put life on hold because of it…ever!

    We have answered some of the most frequently asked questions by girls awaiting (or maybe not) their periods. If there are more doubts popping in your head, speak to your friends, mother, doctor or someone you can trust.

    We are right by your side. With our knowledge to keep you calm. With super-absorbent and soft Kotex Overnight Period Panties. Its 360 anti-leakage protection helps you sleep like a baby through the nights without the leak-nightmares.

    Source disclaimer: Article is adapted from original article source U by Kotex – US

Stephen Hawkins Last Updated 02/07/2023 5 mins Read

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