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Dealing with period cramps

Period Hacks
William Last Updated 02/07/2023 5 Mins Read

Menstrual pain - Period cramps 


News Reader: Hey, hey, hey - welcome to Period News – your go-to for all that’s highlight and hashtag-worthy.

As the monthly period approaches, we’re looking at a few days of some serious abdominal cramps. But experts suggest that period cramps are normal – they’re our body’s way of slowing us down. What we want to know is – WHY? What is the cause? And what can be the remedy?

Period Cramps

Our correspondent Madame B-Ovary has got us answers as she breaks down the whole period cramps story for us. Scrolling over to you, B-Ovary.

B-Ovary: Thank you! I have chatted with a whole load of medical experts and guess what - they say that period cramps are actually good for you! They’re basically a way of posting feelers to your entire body to slow down and take it easy.. Timing is everything so during this time of biological shifts, the cramps do the job of taking physical activity down a couple of notches. There’s more good news – as you get older (and more gorgeous!), period cramps actually get less painful and less frequent. They also last just a day or two - a teeny bit like your IG story - and then only come back next month. Like season 2 of your fav OTT show. Awesome news right here if you’re down with period cramps. We hear you, hang in there!

News Reader: Phew. But give us the facts, the updates - what’s to be done so the period cramps sesh is a little more chilled out? Any makeup must-haves that help? Or any OOTDs? Hahahaha…

B-Ovary:  Honestly, those may help just a bit but I’ve got some useful OG stuff that can help big time. The TEAM PH road goes all the way towards a peace out on period cramps.

News Reader: Eer… what?

B-Ovary: TEAM Period Hacks - Tea, Exercise, Avoidance, Multi-Vitamins, and Heat. Any of these can work, depending on your health and how bad those cramps are. It’s the new trending hashtag everywhere - #teamphforyou

News Reader: This is interesting information. - Please share the details here Live on Channel Period.

B-Ovary: A warm chamomile and honey tea cuppa works wonders to soothe period cramps. It’s like a warm hug, but for your insides! Hell, any warm tea can be of help during this time, TBH. Some even prefer sipping on warm water.

Coming to exercise – it sounds weird but light exercising works out (pun intended!). It helps relieve period cramps in a big way ‘cause it shoots out those endorphins (the feel-good hormones) and nudges your stress and muscular tension.

Now, avoidance – smoking, coffee, and alcohol can all make your period cramps much worse. Better to keep them away - especially when you’re on your period.

News Reader: Sounds great so far. We have our viewers asking for more…

B-Ovary: Yes, I have more to share. Multi-Vitamins are also reportedly a good idea, to top up all the vitamins and minerals in your body. If you do take a multi-vit; make sure it has Omega 3 Fatty Acids, Magnesium, and Thiamine in it (double-check with your doc so you know if the multi-vitamin you’re grabbing is your Vit Right). Painkillers can also help if you’re big on OTC meds. But go down this road only after checking with a doctor. Bookmark that!

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Finally, heat – the benefits of a hot water bag applied on your lower ab area for those ouchies – BAE! Actually, any heat – like a hot shower – it’s a go-to. So, that’s the TEAM PH route that’s trending for period cramps globally for all women. You wish you could pin that on your Google Maps!

News Reader: Wow, this sounds like a thumb stopper for the cramps camp! I’m really feeling the relief set in, with this exclusive coverage on Channel Period. I’m sure our viewers are too. Check out all those comments coming in! Hey, we’re going to stay here and read and reply to them all! Keep checking us out and stay tuned for more facts and real-time updates on periods and how to make them a happy and more comfy time.

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William Last Updated 02/07/2023 5 Mins Read

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