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4 life-changing fixes for dealing with period pain

Period Hacks
William Last Updated 02/07/2023 5 Mins Read

Sometimes, period cramps can be the absolute worst for girls. We literally need to take a moment of silence to acknowledge just how painful they can be. Well, life isn’t fair. But the good thing is, you can ease the pain. 

To fight those pesky period pains, we first have to understand how it happens:

1.  Just before or during your period, you may feel a dull ache just below your stomach and around your lower back. Or, to put it simply - cramps.

2.  This happens because your uterus contracts to shed the extra lining that is no longer required.

But before you go raid your medicine cabinet for painkillers, (we feel your pain if you’ve been that level of desperate) try these super simple natural remedies first:

1. Period pain remedies

Hot water bag for periods

2. It’s time to heat it up

To help relieve the pain cuddle up with a hot water bottle, or curl up in a warm bath. Applying heat to your abdominal area could work wonders.

period pain remedy

3. Massage the pain away

It could be the last thing you may want to do, but try massaging the painful area, gently. If it's stupid and it works, it's not stupid. But if the pain still won’t go away, the next step is exercising.

exercise during periods

4. Try gentle exercises

You don’t have to go on a marathon. It can just be some pretty chilled-out Yoga poses – or try some deep breathing exercises. While a leisurely walk will do you a ton of good, you could try swimming as well. Don’t worry, it won’t stop your flow.


relax during periods

5. When all else fails...

If your period cramps just won’t freakin’ go away, you don't have to put up with the suffering. Talk to your doctor if your pain is so severe that you can’t function. Your doctor might suggest over-the-counter pain relief – but only take this after having a chat with your doctor.

6. Stem the leaks

If you're suffering from period pain, you shouldn’t have to put up with the additional stress of leaks too. It helps to wear a Kotex Overnight period panty that gives you a 3600 protection with its super awesome leak locks. So, you can focus on tackling that period pain without any leaky mishaps.


William Last Updated 02/07/2023 5 Mins Read

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