PMS Tips for dealing with Period Mood Swings

PMS Tips for dealing with Period Mood Swings

My First Period
Stephen Hawkins Last Updated 02/07/2023 5 mins Read

Periods are a time of emotional roller coaster rides, aren’t they? Heck, it all starts a few days prior. And even though you’ve been on this trip a hundred times before, it’s always a surprise. At least you can scream your lungs out when on a roller coaster. Wish you could during your periods too – Imma right, girls 

But let’s step back a bit and check on WHY that scream is our dream? What’s with the emo-loaded response? And, here’s the topper – can’t we get on to flip the whole deal into a big plus? Basically, how can we show some swag in our period time?

Here’s a handy guide to showing those bad period mood swings just how bad-ass you are –

period mood swings

1. Periods Makeover:

Let’s give our idea of periods a real-good makeover. Not too much gloss! But just the right amount of color. Trash out stale-as-hell tags of periods being a “bad time” or a time when you’re “down”. Troll the idea that this is just a mega inconvenience. Got any idea how bad things would be if you wouldn’t regularly get your periods? Way more stress, sista! So celebrate the amazing body you have – it works smoothly, cleans itself up and keeps you going.


2. Emotional Mess Walkover:

Girls, we hear ya. Period times do have emotional hormones in an overdrive for most of us. It just throws our emotions out of whack for a couple of days. Add to that the mental and physical exhaustion. But that’s how our body gets back into balance too. Anyhow, zip those period mood swings, we say. Sticking together with more gal pals and boosting more positive period perceptions makes you walk tall and proud. Reinforce confidence. Reinforce pride. The right vibes attract the right tribe. Make yours strong!


3. Me-Time Stopover:

To the one occurrence that grants you some good rest and relaxation, just blow a kiss and say merci beaucoup to period mood swings. You can ride the wave with some favorite snacks, meditation playlists and cuppa catch-ups with your friends. Calming hobbies like baking make the good hormones slow clap the nasty ones out of the window. And smile, you’re working on yourself. That’s a big one.

emotions during periods

telling your nasty thoughts – Game on, I got me some endorphins!

Obviously, we know each girl out there has her horror stories and embarrassing episodes to share – each worthy of a Netflix series. Treat switching from complaining to constructive ways to deal with the plan as on point. Stick a pin in this last thought – you’re not alone and you’re not weak you can beat those period mood swings. Grow strong and confident and there’s no looking back!


Stephen Hawkins Last Updated 02/07/2023 5 mins Read

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