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How I Met My Hormones: Inside and Outside

My First Period
Stephen Hawkins Last Updated 02/07/2023 5 mins Read

Noticed some real new changes in your body of late? And some unexplained emotional swings too? Relax, it’s not a problem and there’s nothing wrong with you. It’s just your hormones at work!


Hormonal changes

And before you freak out at the “hormonal” jokes about women, take a look at this info. You’ll understand the heroic work hormones do, inside and outside your body. This keeps all of YOU ticking and kicking!


Outer Changes (That are NOT from Outer Space!)

female hormonal changes

Hormones kickstart and show up as you hit puberty. The exact age for each girl is different. But it’s going to happen for sure – no escapes on that!

So how do you know when these super-secret chemical agents are on the job? First up, there will be physical changes all over your body. Changes that make you different – not ugly. Changes that transform – not trash you.

Your body gets curvier – Oooooh…Like!

Breasts grow and develop – Like!

Periods begin – Super Like! (Yes, we mean that!)

Hair growth on the body – You May not Like it at first but this is very normal and you can deal with it easily.

Pimples or acne – Not a huge Like but hey, it’s very common in puberty and can be reduced with the right medications and care. Until they settle, block the negative reactions – this is the human body blooming and blossoming.

Like them, diss them but you can’t cancel them! It takes some time to get used to your body’s different avatar. And some of the dos and don’ts (like wearing a training bra and living with periods) can bug you. But look at the bright side – you can SEE what’s happening and can work to cut down the annoying quotient as much as you can.

Hormone hassles discussed with close friends or your female relatives also help a ton. You realize you’re not alone, can deal with it soon, and can laugh along and learn to love that precious body! A body that’s BAE.

Insider Trading: Hormones Decoded

hormonal changes symptoms

Heads up – emotions go into overdrive as those hormones start doing their job. Well, if they didn’t, you’d have a serious problem on your hands, gal fam.

Mood Swings, swinging from absolute mood highs to total dullness in an hour leaving you confused? Let us help you by telling you three little words – Relax, this happens! Why? Because hormones are chemical messengers on a mission to check out your entire body functioning and make sure it’s perfect. So it’s going to create some internal changes to your emotional reactions.

Now before you think you’re getting loopy, know that this is not here to stay. The confused state of puberty settles down, you get more in control, you get smarter and more aware. That’s the upside of it.

How do I play the hormonal balance game?

hormonal balance

Tame the Hunger Games!

– Eat healthy, hack junk food habits. Drink a veggie    juice for brekkie. Thank us later.   

Hydration For Hormone

– H2O and hormones are pals. Just keep it that way.

A Light Workout Works Wonders

– Stay active, gently stretch your way to ease. Look good to feel good and the other way around too!

Put Out Personal Stress

– Think exam anxiety, college admissions, peers who pull you down or social media – you can’t do much about them, can you? Figure out what these are for you, go easy and slowly deal with them to stay in a positive state of mind.

Breathe, Meditate and Bless Your Heart

– Keep calm and stay aware of your heart. It is super effective for overall wellness. Scented candles, essential oils or herbal oils add a blissful wow factor to bedtime or meditation seshes.

Like them, love them or hate them – you really can’t not have them in your life. But getting the real info on hormonal health helps you stay on top of the game. And make a fun story titled How I Met My Hormones. With all this insider information, you can safely bet on the right steps to take and profit on your puberty.

And while you’re dealing with the H bombs, try Kotex Overnight period panties so you have one less thing to stress about. Between all those mood swings, this helps to hold it together with its 360 coverage. They ensure total absorption with super in-built leak locks and keep you safe and secure.


Stephen Hawkins Last Updated 02/07/2023 5 mins Read

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