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Girl’s first period guide

My First Period
Stephen Hawkins Last Updated 02/07/2023 5 mins Read

Meet Sara. Pretty much like any other teenager, she is chirpy and confident. She loves to hang out with friends, go out, dress-up to impress herself and so much more.  

She is excited about what life has in store for her. And she knows that she plays the most significant part in shaping her future.

Sara notices the changes in her body. She is excited. And jittery. And confused. All at the same time. Why? Well, she knows that her first period is just around the corner!

She wonders if she can reach out to someone to clear all the confusion. She picks her big sis. Obvio! She has the experience, the clarity and can be trusted blindly.

Here’s a glimpse of the heart-to-heart conversation.

Sara:  Di, you’re gonna be like my best buddy and talk to me. Don’t be the big sis for a bit.

Sis: Done! Couldn’t have asked for anything better. Shoot!

Sara: Is the first period called a period?

Sis: The scientific name for your first period is Menarche. Every girl gets it. So will you.

Sara: Say something new. Come on!

Sis: Okay. We are going to talk about the vagina. There is some amount of bleeding that takes place from your vagina. It lasts for a few days…maybe 3-51. And it happens every month. I am sure you’ve many more questions now.

Sara: Why do girls get periods?

Sis: Ummmm. Because we girls are miraculous beings who can have babies.

This has been happening for ages now. It has happened to millions of girls in the past. And will happen to millions of them in the future too.

It is your body’s way of preparing itself for releasing an egg, holding a fertilised egg and creating a baby.

You know how we women love to be prepared for everything. So does our body. It prepares the womb by making it all comfy for a baby.

Every month our body gets itself ready for the possibility that one might get pregnant. One of the biggest things that happen is your womb becomes all nice and cosy with its walls getting an extra fluffy coating so that the baby can grow there.

Sara: Woah! What science! What is this lining made of?

Sis: Without getting into too much detail. The lining is mostly blood and other tissues from the womb walls.

Sara: Okay. That’s enough, I guess. But why does it shed? Can’t it just stay that way?

Sis: When one doesn’t get pregnant, the womb doesn’t need the lining. So, it gets rid of it. That’s when the cycle begins all over again, every 28-31 days.

And if it didn’t work this way, girls would fall sick.

Sara: Phew! I guess I have had enough for the day.

Sis: As you say. But remember there is nothing to be embarrassed about your period. Being aware of something makes it only easier to manage. If you’d like to know about period flow and what to do if you get a heavy one, I suggest you read up on Kotex Overnight Period Panties Did you know that they give you 360 anti-leakage protection and comfort? Well, now you do!

Sara: Great that we had this chat. Now I know who to call upon when I need help.

Thanks, Di.



Stephen Hawkins Last Updated 02/07/2023 5 mins Read

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