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A Quick Guide on Period Blood Clots

Period Hacks
William Last Updated 02/07/2023 5 Mins Read

Girl, do you look deep into what’s coming out of your vagina during your period? If you haven’t, it’s about time. As strange as it sounds, checking out the amount of flow and frequency could help you figure out what’s normal and what’s not. 

heavy periods

The good, the bad, and the weird


No two periods are alike, but passing blood clots during menstruation can be a pretty regular thing. Many girls experience it. What you need to keep tabs on, is the size of the clots. If you get heavy periods, blood clots are normal. But if they are almost always larger than a 1-rupee coin or come with heavy bleeding, have a chat with your doctor quickly.

menstruation problems

Why do period blood clots happen?


During your periods, your uterus sheds more than just blood. It is the uterine lining that contains a mix of blood, blood by-products, tissue, and mucus. It turns out looking like blobs of jelly. Gross, but true.


When you should be concerned


Some girls tend to get heavier periods than others. It’s normal. But if you find that your periods tire you out to exhaustion, or, if you notice crazy heavy flow, speak to your doctor. It could be a sign of internal issues.


Gotta know this, girl


Look out for these symptoms of heavy menstrual bleeding, also known as menorrhagia:

1. Using one or more pads every hour

2. Using more than one sanitary pad at a time

3. Bleeding that lasts for more than a week

4. Regular period cramps and pelvic pain

5. Constant fatigue

Experiencing any one of these five symptoms? Reach out to your doctor, pronto. Until then, we’ve got some help. Quit worries about bleeding through leak-proof underwear, with a Kotex Overnight period panty. (Which makes it super awesome for those heavy flow days, btw.) So you get more coverage and more comfort than a traditional pad. With the pesky leaky worries stemmed, now you can focus on things that really matter - does a whole chocolate cake still classify as a piece of cake?



William Last Updated 02/07/2023 5 Mins Read

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