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The Ultimate Guide to Your Period Products

Period 101
Stephen Hawkins Last Updated 04/28/2023 5 mins Read

Periods can be unpleasant and could affect your daily life. But you can minimise this with the right period product.

There are many factors you can consider while choosing the best products, but comfort and hygiene are the two main benefits to look for when choosing.

Here’s an ultimate guide to help you find your perfect period product.

1.Sanitary Pads

Pads are the most commonly used period product. Many young girls and women use them. They are designed to stick to the inside of your underwear and absorb menstrual blood.

Their design has evolved significantly over the years, becoming considerably more comfortable and absorbent, with different sizes available to suit different flows.

Wearing a sanitary pad may limit certain activities, such as swimming or intense workouts. You often need to adjust them because they move around and slip out of place, increasing the possibility of spillage.

2.Period Panties

Many women have switched from traditional period products to period panties.

They look like regular underwear and are made of multiple layers of microfiber polyester that lock moisture away from the skin, prevent blood from leaking onto your clothes, and provide overall comfort.

Kotex period panties are made of superabsorbent material that absorbs more blood than regular pads and offers leak proof protection. Our period panties have a deep absorption core that locks away the wetness and odour, and the airy-soft fabric keeps rashes and infections at bay!

We have two types of period panties for teens and adults:

1. Kotex Overnight Period Panties

Kotex overnight period panties are designed to provide 360-degree leakage protection, even during heavy periods. They can absorb up to three regular pads' worth of blood and provide a comfortable night's sleep.

Benefits of using Kotex overnight period panties:

Easy to use:

They are easy to use.

  • Wear them like your regular underwear.
  • Rip the sides after use.,
  • Discard in a disposable bag.

Heavy flow protection:

Kotex overnight period panties have a deep absorbent core that protects against all types of flows, including heavy flow.

Leakage protection:

These sanitary panties have leak lock guards to ensure there are up to zero leaks and offer 360- degree protection.

No rashes and itching:

The airy-soft fabric of Kotex overnight period panties offers the comfort of soft cotton underwear while preventing rashes and itching.

2.Kotex Reusable Period Underwear

Kotex reusable period underwear is as comfortable as your favourite underwear. They absorb up to twice as much as regular pads, allowing you to go about your daily activities worry-free. You can wash and re-wear these period panties up to 50 times.

Benefits of using Kotex reusable period underwear:

Simple to use:

You can wear them like regular underwear and go about your business as usual.

  • Wear it just like regular underwear
  • Machine wash cold with gentle detergent, and only with similar colours
  • Air dry
  • Do not use bleach or softeners, iron or dry clean


These period panties are an excellent choice for doing daily chores, outdoor activities, and intense workouts. It does not slip out of place and does not require adjustment, making it extremely comfortable.

No infections:

hese period panties are typically made of soft, airy materials that do not cause rashes or infection after use.

Pocket and environment friendly:

Kotex reusable period underwear is designed to be reused. This means you'll generate less waste and spend less money.


Tampons can be uncomfortable as you will need to insert them into the vaginal canal. Like pads, tampons are also made of highly absorbent materials. They absorb your menstrual flow from the inside of your vagina.

Tampons are popular among users because they are more discrete in terms of packaging, convenience in your pocket or bag, and use, i.e., not visible on the underwear. Tampon's material can dry out your vaginal walls if left in for a long time. As a result, you may find it difficult to remove them at times.

4.Menstrual Cups

Menstrual cups are made of medical-grade silicone, so unlike tampons, they do not dry out the vagina's natural moisture. To insert the cup, fold it in half like a taco and pinch it between your fingers while inserting it inside, so it rests on the vaginal wall and collects blood. Pinch the cup to remove it, then pour the blood into the toilet and clean it with hot water before reinserting it.

Emptying a menstrual cup can be a mess. It does take some getting used to, and you'll need to figure out how to insert, remove, and clean it properly.

There is a period product for everyone, regardless of age or comfort level. It might take some time to find the perfect period product. Always ensure the product is comfortable for you and hygienic.

Stephen Hawkins Last Updated 04/28/2023 5 mins Read

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